Resumos CRPS capa
We welcome presentations that explore several areas, from conflict prevention to peacebuilding, including conflict management, security sector reform and institution building, in intra and inter-state conflicts regardless of: their causes (religious, ethnic, among others), the role of informal and external actors, the importance of the conflicts in the different regional political dynamics and the methods and strategies used (mediation, use of force, truth commissions, and track II diplomacy, among others) to mitigate the tensions between parties. We are particularly interested in understanding how these aspects affect the processes to reach and maintain peace.
The presentation can deal both with theoretical and methodological issues as well as empirical evidences of conflict resolution, namely the presentation of case studies. 
We are particularly interested in case studies that: a) are relevant to the Portuguese geostrategic interests (for instance, in North Africa or the Sahel), to the regions where they occur or with global relevance; b) illustrate the use of the different concepts, techniques and tools of conflict resolution; c) or that focus on the role of multilateral organizations with a security mandate.