A) War, Peace and Security Studies

  • “European Defense and Security” in a formal partnership with the National Defense Institute (IDN).
  • “Challenges of Security Regime Complexes in Africa” in partnership with IDN and the University of Wits from South Africa.
  • “Euro-Mediterranean area and Security” in partnership with La Sapienza-Universitá di Roma, Universidade Complutense de Madrid and Middle East Techical University of Turkey, a project focused on the “Southern border” of European Security.
  • “Geopolitical Dynamics in the Asia-Pacific”, in partnership with IDN and involving researchers from Europe and Asia.
  • “The External Dimension of Internal Security”, in partnership with the Research Center of the Institute of Higher Studies of the Police and Internal Security.
  • “Conflict Management and Resolution” this second phase of the project intends to apply the theoretical models already identified to specific case studies.


B) Economic Spaces and Resources Management

  • A multidisciplinary project on “Climate Change, International Law and Environmental Justice”, with a strong juridical focus but integrating other scientific dimensions privileging social issues.
  • “The New Chinese Silk Road: Challenges and Opportunities to the EU”, in partnership with the International Institute of Macau and with researchers from Europe and China.
  • “Economic Transnational Relations within the context of the diminishing centrality of the Atlantic”, with European and North-American researchers.
  • “Ecological European Networks and Portuguese Protected Areas - impact evaluation”.
  • The “Southern border” in the diversification of Europe’s energy sources.
  • “Role of organizations of the Solidary Social Economy in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Objectives” , in partnership with CIRIEC International.


C) People and States – constructions and interactions

  • "Media Societies of Portuguese Language"in partnership with institutions from Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique, and Portugal.
  • “The Portuguese Diplomatic Structure”, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the project focus on analyzing the structure and procedures of the Portuguese diplomacy.
  • “Cities and Regions: paradiplomacy in Portugal”, which in its first stage resulted in the publication of the book “The internationalization of Lisbon: paradiplomacy of a city”, and which in its second phase will analyze the internationalization of the city of Oporto and the northern Portuguese region and its connections to Galicia, as well as some “euro-cities” along the border between Portugal and Spain.  
  • “The influence to regional integration (MERCOSUL) of political change in Argentina and Brazil”
  • “The influence of the “Latin-American boom” in the Portuguese political thinking (1960-1970)”, in partnership with the University Fernando Pessoa, Latin-American Research Center and Library Carlos Fuentes.
  • “The Lusophone countries in the context of the reemergence of the South Atlantic”.
  • “Europe in the context of global migrations”, with the support of European institutions and with a team of European researchers.
  • “Laboratory of the External Image of Portugal”, using specific software to systematically analyze meta-data, aiming to identify the perception of the country abroad, using both qualitative and quantitative data.
  • “Ideological dimensions of political parties”.
  • "From the voters' satisfaction to the election of the recandidates - municipalities cases in Portugal and Brazil".