OBSERVARE decided to establish an award to pay tribute to individuals or organizations that have stood out due to intellectual creativity or relevant practice in their contribution to the understanding of international realities, solidarity among peoples and the peaceful resolution of conflicts. This initiative aims to extend university practice to the positive movements that permeate our world and complement scientific studies through the exercise of cosmopolitan citizenship.

The prize is a small sculpture inspired by the logo of OBSERVARE: a pyramid-shaped piece that evokes the ziggurats of ancient Mesopotamia, which were places of worship and for observing large areas. The author of this sculpture is Architect João Pancada Correia, Director of UAL, who has a long tradition of artistic interventions.

t its plenary session on 5 June 2014, researchers of International Relations decided to award the OBSERVARE Prize for the first time to the International Labour Organization and to Professor Mariano Aguirre at the 2nd Conference. The award ceremony takes place at the end of the dinner offered by UAL to all conference participants on 2 July 2014.


In 2017, on the occasion of the 3rd Conference, OBSERVARE Prize were awarded to the Portuguese Council for Refugees, which for 25 years has supported asylum seekers in Portugal, and to Dr. Catarina Albuquerque, who has been internationally recognized for the recognition of access to water and basic sanitation as fundamental human rights.