Luís Vasco Valença Pinto

General (Retired). Degree in Engineer. Graduated from the Command and Staff Course, Advanced Staff Course and War Course of the Institute of High Military Studies (IAEM). Graduated from the NATO Defense College. Also graduated from many other specific military courses.

Former Chief of Defense. Prior to that he was Chief of the Army, Army Logistics Commander, Director of the National Defense Institute, National Military Representative at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Command Europe, Commander of the Engineer School, Counsellor at the Portuguese Delegation to NATO ( to include also the former European Political Cooperation, Western European Union, Independent European Programming Group and Eurogroup), Professor of Strategy and Geopolitics at the IAEM, and many other military command and staff assignments, namely two combat tours in Angola in the period 1971/1975.

In his military career he received twenty quotations from the highest political and military authorities. He also received very high Portuguese and foreign awards.

Currently he is Invited Professor (Specialist) at the Lisboa Autonomous University ( Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, UAL), and at the Institute of Political Studies of the Portuguese Catholic University ( Instituto de Estudos Políticos, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, IEP/UCP).  

He is author of many published studies and papers on Security and Defense. On those issues he has a regular activity as a lecturer, in Portugal and abroad, in universities, institutes and social organizations. He intervenes in many conferences and seminars. He is research coordinator and a researcher in projects under the responsibility of the Lisboa Autonomous University and its External Relations Observatory (OBSERVARE), and of the Portuguese Institute for International Relations (Instituto Português de Relações Internacionais, IPRI).

He is Partner at Revista Militar, and member of the Consultative Boards of the reviews Nação e Defesa e Relações Internacionais. He is Chairman of the Portuguese Association of the NATO Defense College Anciens. He is a founder, and a member of the Consultative Board, of the NGDO Karingana wa Karingana.

His main areas of specialization are Security and Defense, Strategy and Geopolitics. He has also a deep interest in Political Science and International Relations. For many years he has been studying developments in NATO, the European Union and the African Union.

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