Giuseppe Ammendola


In his teaching, writing, public speaking, and consulting Dr. Giuseppe Ammendola integrates knowledge from multiple disciplines, cultures, and languages. He holds a Doctorate in Economics and Business, summa cum laude, from the University of Naples and a Ph.D. in Political Science with a specialization in International Political Economy from the Graduate School of the City University of New York. He came to the United States as a Fulbright scholar.


Professor Ammendola teaches at New York University at the graduate level and has taught at the City University of New York, where he also worked at several research institutes. He has been a visiting professor and has lectured at several Italian graduate schools and doctoral institutions. For over thirty years, he has been teaching courses in international political economy, international business, international management, international finance, international trade and investment, international marketing, international relations, American government, US foreign policy, and the European Union.


Dr. Ammendola consults on strategic management, marketing, and business plan evaluation and writing.His writings include the book From Creditor to Debtor: The U.S. Pursuit of Foreign Capital - The Case of the Repeal of the Withholding Tax, published in the "Foreign Economic Policy of the United States - Outstanding Studies" Series (New York: Garland 1994) as well as the internationally recognized country study "The Government of Italy" in Michael Curtis, ed., Western European Government and Politics (NewYork: Addison Wesley Longman, 1st edition 1997 and 2nd edition 2003). He is the editor and main author of the book The European Union: Multidisciplinary Views (Stony Brook, NY: Forum Italicum, 2008). In his extended article “Some Trends and Perspectives on Globalization, Economic Growth, Equality, and Development”. Autumn 2011 Dr. Ammendola selects and examines key analytical frameworks for the study of the global economy.


Professor Ammendola has briefed public and private decision-makers from all over the world on global issues, on the political, economic, and business realities of the United States and Europe, and on country analysis. Dr. Ammendola has been speaker, organizer and/or panelist in hundreds of lectures, roundtables, and TV programs in the US and abroad. As a guest commentator on Bloomberg TV, Dr. Ammendola's analyses in several languages on the US economy and capital markets have reached millions worldwide.


He is the Joseph Schumpeter Visiting Professor of International Economics at the Universidade Autonoma of Lisbon, where he is also a Member of the Scientific Council of the OBSERVARE Research Center. Bilingual in English and Italian, Dr. Ammendola speaks Spanish, French, and Portuguese with native-like fluency.