Artur Victoria


Artur Victoria was born in Porto, Portugal in March 1952. After taking its first degree in Law at the University of Lisbon became a Bar Lawyer (1976). Was the adviser of the Portuguese Northern Landlords Association. With the experience he took there wrote five books about real state and renting properties (edited by Porto Editora).


Artur Victoria was one of the founders of the Fundação Luso Internacional in 1986, becoming its president till 2000 keeping now the title of honorary president. With its orientation and pedagogical acknowledgement he founded the Oporto International School, a private school actually with 700 pupils and delegations in Braga and Marinha Grande.


Invited by the national Bar Association he became in 1985 and till 1990 teacher of trainees during evaluation in the Bar Association. He took the European course of Professional Formation for Teachers and Trainers. In 1990 Artur Victoria became an elected Counselor of the Bar Association.


In this year he also finished the National Defense course, graduated by Instituto de Defesa Nacional – Lisbon.


Artur Victoria, being a practitioner of law he hold a Law company till 1999. Among its client were: Associação Empresarial do Norte, SOPORCEL, ECOP and others relevant companies.


Was elected president of Instituto para a Cultura e Ciência Jurídica Luso – Brasileira in 1992, helding this position actualy.


In 1996 was invited to represent in Portugal the ONG International Transparency, which he was the national Portuguese representative till 1998.


From 1998 till 2004 he worked for the ONG TIRI – Integrity, being the coordinator for the Portuguese speaking countries.


Also during these years was president of the Portuguese Culture Federation, coordinated and directed a books collection about citizenship.


In 2004 was nominated by the direction of the ADESG - Associação de Diplomados da Escola Superior de Guerra – Brazil, its representative for Europe, position that holds.


Artur Victoria is also the representative for Portugal of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of South America.


Artur Victoria is actually engaged in several projects in the areas of citizenship and relations between governments and civil society in Portuguese speaking countries.


Artur Victoria has more than 500 articles in English and Portuguese published on the net.


Artur Victoria, since 1994 has been invited for lectures by several universities, associations and public entities.