Andrea Carteny


University researcher of East European History at Sapienza University of Rome, habilitated associate professor of Modern History and History of International Relations, teacher of Eurasian History at the Undergraduate and Master Courses of the Faculties of Letters and of Political Sciences. He is the Executive director of Rome Committee of Institute for the Study of Italian Risorgimento. 


Phd in History of Europe at Sapienza University, he spent his doctoral period of research in Romania, Transylvania, at the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj, where he taught Italian History and he was Executive director of the Institute of Italian and Romanian Studies. His topics are: Transylvanian question, Nationalism and Communism, Nationalism and transition to democracy, ethnic and civic nationalism, comparative regional nationalisms in Western and Eastern Europe, Basque and Catalan question, Spanish national question, Hungarian national question, Balkan national questions, theories on Eurasia, Imperial/Soviet/Post-Soviet Russia, Caucasian national questions, Azerbaijani studies, question of Italian Risorgimento. He speaks main Western languages and some Eastern ones (Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian; German and Russian reading). He was visiting researcher (Basileus scholarship) in Montenegro at the Institute of History and visiting professor at the Petru Maior University of Targu-Mures; he was researcher of CASD (Center of High Studies of Defense) and collaborates of IAI (Institute of International Affairs) and He takes part in several international conferences and scientific events in Italy and abroad (e.g. the ASEN conferences organized in London at the LSE and the ASN conventions organized at the Columbia University of New York); he is assistant for international cooperation of Prorector of International Relations of Sapienza University, prof. Antonello Biagini.


Among his works we mention:

2007: "I partiti politici in Rromania (1989-2004)" [Political parties in Romania]

2007: "Da Budapest a Bucarest. Saggi di storia e cultura" [From Budapest to Bucarest. Essayes of History and Culture]

2011: "Dal micro-nazionalismo all'Europa" [From micro-nationalism to Europe]

2013: "La Legione ungherese contro il Brigantaggio (1860-61)" [The Hungarian Legion against the Brigandage] 


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