Jara Cuadrado


PhD in International Security at the University Institute General Gutiérrez Mellado (IUGM) from the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED). She has a Bachelor’s Degree in History at the Universidad de Valladolid (2011), a Master’s Degree in Peace, Security and Defense at the IUGM –UNED– (2013) and a Master’s Degree in Secondary and Upper Secondary Teaching at the Universidad de Valladolid (2012). In 2014 she received a four-year predoctoral fellowship as a researcher in training at the IUGM. During that time (2014-2018) she was part of the teaching team of the Master in Peace, Security and Defense. Currently, she is Professor at the Doctoral Program in International Security of the UNED.


She has been visiting scholar at the Portuguese Institute of Internacional Relations –IPRI– (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) and at the School of Oriental and African Studies –SOAS–(University of London). She has taken part in the project “Actions to Prevent and Combat Trafficking in Human Beings” whilst performing a field research in Ghana. In 2015 she was awarded by Casa África (Spanish Ministry of Foreign Relations) for a research essay on African security. 


Her research focuses on the study of armed conflicts and political violence, international security, conflict prevention and early warning policies, particularly in Africa. In her doctoral thesis, entitled Los sistemas de alerta temprana en la prevención de conflictos armados. Un estudio comparado en África occidental (Early warning systems in the prevention of armed conflicts. A comparative study in West Africa), she has designed an early warning model to detect the risk factors present in West African contexts. Recently, she has specialized in the analysis of policies for the prevention of radicalization in women, human trafficking networks, and in case studies on the prevention of genocide and the systematic violation of human rights.


She is involved in several research networks: Africaye, a Spanish group of experts in sub-Saharan Africa; Childheroes, a foundation dedicated to the protection and defense of the rights of vulnerable children, where she takes part in a research project about sexual exploitation of children in Sierra Leone; and the research team created between Territorios de la Memoria España, Territoires de la Mémoire Lièje and the Universidad de Valladolid working on memory, democracy, human rights and political transitions.pan>